Our story

Being only 14 years old in 1955, Vasilis Moraris, begins working with car brakes at his uncle's brake workshop, continuing his family’s tradition.

Closely following the evolution of brakes from their original, purely mechanical form (such as rods), to today’s modern electrohydraulic types, he gained extensive experience in braking systems, which in turn handed over to his son Manos Moraris.

Manos Moraris has been working next to his father since 1990. The experience, combined with professional training, the constant updates and the great passion for his work, establish him as an excellent and responsible brakes professional.

In 2015, Manos Moraris traveled to Gurno, Italy, where the Brembo high performance systems manufacturing plant (F1, WRC, NASCAR CAR, MOTO GP) is located. After hands-on training on the production line, training continued in high-performance systems where Brembo staff introduced him to their design and operation philosophy. At the end of this successful training, Moraris Brakes was certified as the Official High Performance Technical Center of Athens and is proud to be the only brake workshop in Greece that holds this title.

Father and son run the "MORARIS BRAKES" car brake workshop, aiming at the best possible customer service and the best possible result for their cars.

In 2017, a new certification was granted by Brembo, that of the Brembo Expert!

In 2019, we were established as official distributor of Goodridge (Hoses) in Greece.